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Elite Pet Dental

A Mobile, Non-anesthetic, Pet Dental Cleaning Business

At Elite Pet Dental, our goal is to help your canine or feline friend maintain proper Oral Hygiene, free of dental and gum disease, & many other health related aspects.

How it works

Schedule your desired Date & Time via the Calendar below and we will meet you at the designated location in our Mobile Van!

$50 for examination fee, $150 for cleaning

**examination may result in pet not being qualified for Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning**


We Do The Cleaning For You

Contact Us Today with any of your Questions

Our cleaning services include a premium, detailed examination & plan to get the animal’s oral hygiene state, as thorough & comprehensive as possible! 

To make it even easier, all one has to do is Google Dental for Cats Near Me & the Elite Pet Dental website should be at or near the top of the Google search page results.

Elite Pet Dental located in San Diego California, unfortunately does not provide laser teeth cleaning for dogs nor pet tooth extraction near me, but can recommend a reference upon request.


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